Assurance is not only a necessity for our customers, it is a way of life at Phenna Group.

Our current portfolio consists of businesses that deliver services that ensure their customers remain compliant.   Only the highest standards of customer service, integrity and work ethic are acceptable within Phenna Group.  Our businesses serve a whole range of end markets and have been in existence for many years, which has allowed them to evolve into trusted partners.  If they have one thing in common it is their drive to give their customers ‘peace of mind’, value for money and the confidence of a right first time approach.

Building Envelope Technologies

May 17, 2019

Professional Soils Laboratory

May 2, 2019

Phenna Group Portfolio: First Scottish

First Scottish Group Limited

August 17, 2018

Phenna Group Portolio: Hansen 500

Hansen Aerospace

July 2, 2018