Why Join Phenna Group?

When selling your business, there are well-understood advantages and pitfalls associated with private equity and strategic corporate acquirers. Many business owners feel that neither is quite right for them and would like to do a deal with a long-term partner, but where they can still add value and benefit from it.

Our approach to M&A and acquisitions is unique, providing the long-term certainty and security of a strategic corporate whilst also providing flexibility, low interference and incentivisation that you would more likely see in a private equity deal.

It is this thoughtful approach to partnering with businesses that have seen over 30 founders and entrepreneurs choose to join Phenna Group over the last 4 years. What’s even better is that many stay with us longer than originally expected, which is normally rare in this type of situation.

So, if you have a successful business providing testing, inspection, certification or compliance-based services and you think we should have a chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

What We Offer

  • High levels of autonomy; you continue to run your business as you did before, with a new partner.
  • We do not change people, processes, or systems, which lets you focus on customers and growth post-deal.
  • Operational and strategic support, help with new investment, service development, strategic hires, and succession planning.
  • An environment free from bureaucracy, internal politics, and egos.
  • Access to a range of group services ‘free of charge’ that help your business flourish.
  • A wealth of future alliance opportunities within our group which facilitate and fast-track growth.
  • The most unique and flexible approach to deal structuring which is supportive of your future plans.
  • A genuine partnership-focused approach to supporting the growth of your business.