Phenna Group was founded on the principles of building genuine connections and relationships with testing, inspection, certification, and compliance sector businesses looking to grow and be part of something bigger. The focus is about working together from the very beginning to share and evolve knowledge and expertise.

Since 2018, Phenna Group has partnered with best-of-breed testing, inspection, certification, and compliance businesses, creating a dynamic and innovative group that now delivers services to a global, diversified client base.

Phenna is a business of scale, but core to our ideology is to be free of the inefficiencies and bureaucracy typically seen in larger corporates. This allows our company to focus on quality, service delivery for our customers, and growth.

Central to our success is our partnership approach to acquisitions which is unique to the market. Phenna was founded on the principles of building genuine connections and relationships with businesses and founders in our sector that are looking to partner with a strong supportive partner for the long term.

The Leadership Team

Paul Barry

Paul Barry

Group CEO & Founder
David Harrison

David Harrison

Group CFO & Co-Founder

Gaynor Lloyd

Group HR Director
Tom Gray

Tom Gray

Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
Miles Szabo

Miles Szabo

Corporate Development Manager
Eric D’Orio

Eric D’Orio

Divisional MD, NDT & Industrials
Brian Shannon

Brian Shannon

Divisional MD, Built Environment
Stuart Abbs

Stuart Abbs

Divisional MD, Infrastructure

Core Values

Customer Centric

We believe that success comes from placing the customer at the heart of our actions. When we do that, we’ll achieve great things, both individually and collectively.

Autonomy & Accountability

We believe in giving our Businesses maximum autonomy, recognising that means we are individually accountable for our actions.

Ambitious and Driven

We encourage and support all our employees to push their boundaries and reach their full potential.

Work Ethic & Spirit

We have a strong team spirit, working hard to support our customers and each other.


Everyone at Phenna Group and our Portfolio Companies is equal, there is no place for status or ego’s in our organisation, everyone in our team plays an important role and delivers value in what they do.

Guiding Principles

Safety and Well-being

We believe that every employee who comes to work for our Group has the right to return home fit and healthy. We therefore support our Companies to deliver the highest standards of safety and well-being.

Peace of Mind

In an increasingly complex world, consumers/customers demand high standards and levels of compliance from their suppliers. Our role is to give those suppliers (our customers) complete assurance and peace of mind.


Whilst compliance services by their nature are serious, it should not stop us from enjoying what we do and being proud of the service we deliver to our customers.