11 Nov, 2020
Phenna Group

We are hugely excited to announce that Phenna Group will partner with Inflexion to help boost the next stage of our strategy.

Having built a sizeable and international group in just over 2 years, our value creation performance has been strong. That said, we recognised that ‘Chapter 2’ of our story would be greatly enhanced, were we to secure the support of a renowned and sector experienced minority PE investor. We believe with Inflexion, we have secured a partner who shares our vision for the business and is prepared to support our goals with expertise and capital commitments.

My sincere thanks to the entire Phenna team, Avonhurst, Steve Nicholls and a special mention to David Harrison, our Group CFO, who has done an outstanding job.

The deal is subject to regulatory approval.

More about the partnership on the Inflexion website.